Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh

Geographical Area: 308252km²
Population (2011 Census): 7,26,26,809
Density: 236
Growth Rate: 20.35%
Rural: 5,25,57,404
Urban: 2,00,69,405
Male: 3,76,12,306
Female: 3,50,14,503
Sex Ratio: 931
Literacy: 70.6%
Forest Cover: 25.21%
Forest Area: 31%

Known as the 'Heart of India', Madhya Pradesh is India‘s second largest state by area and sixth largest state in terms of population. It is home to a rich cultural heritage with prominent tribal communities living in harmony with people of mainstream religions. Ancient rock carvings, old monuments, exquisitely carved temples, forts and palaces dot the state.

The state that has fifty one districts grouped into ten administrative divisions also takes the credit for becoming the first Indian state to come out with the State Action Plan on Climate Change (SAPCC). Not just that, the state has also created the Vulnerability Assessment (VA) report that maps the likely impacts the state and its people will face due to a changing climate. The VA report not only assesses the climate change risks and vulnerabilities of Madhya Pradesh but will help in integrating climate change concerns in the development planning processes.

With one of the biggest forest covers in India, Madhya Pradesh has a long history of scientific forest management and is home to over 22 per cent of the tiger population of India. Its dense forests are a major source of livelihood for rural and tribal communities which sustain themselves through forest products like fuel wood, fodder and fibre.

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