Environmental Planning & Coordination Organisation (EPCO)


To strengthen and reposition EPCO in the environment sector, by building its capacity so that it is able to advise the state government on environmental matters and contemporary advances around the globe.


To emerge as the major instrument for development of sustainable processes in the state of Madhya Pradesh that will help poor people pursue sustainable livelihoods.

Organizational Structure

Environmental Planning & Coordination Organisation (EPCO)

Established in 1981, Environmental Planning & Coordination Organisation (EPCO) has grown to become a respected and renowned think-tank on environmental matters. As an  autonomous organisation, it has carried out pioneering work in creating environmental awareness amongst people as well as   have been working  closely with the Madhya Pradesh government on various projects. EPCO, which has been declared as the state nodal agency for climate change issues, functions from its lush green 50-acre campus, called Paryavaran Parisar, whose foundation stone was laid in the year 1981. It is recognised as the state's premier autonomous environment organisation  with a strong self- identity while it continues to work closely with the State Government on various projects.   EPCO has not only aligned its work in sync with the Millennium Development Goals but is taking a lead in ensuring that the state progresses at the same time keeping in mind sustainable development issues.

(EPCO Office Building at Bhopal) Photo Credit: Shafa Mawal, EPCO